Photographs of shoredive entry points at Howick.

Updated 11-8-2005

Contact: Dave Cordes.

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Below is a panoramic view of the shoreline at howick.
On the extreme left horizon, Dunstanburgh Castle can just be seen, whilst at the extreme right, Boulmer point is visible.
This was taken at high water, all the other pictures on this page were taken at low water.
The cottage is known locally as "The Bathing House" or "Doctor's House". The latter name was given long before it was featured in the television series "Distant Shores" as the home of a fictional Doctor played by Peter Davidson.

Panorama of Howick Shore

Looking east, the main parking area is on the verge of the farm access road (right of the picture).
Follow the track through the right hand gate to reach the sea (about 200 metres).

Parking at Howick

SE from path

At the end of the path, either turn left (north) to access the rocks near the "Doctor's House", or right to dive off Rumbling Kern, this will involve descending to the small beach.

Crossing the beach brings you to this apparantly insurmountable wall, but a series of small ledges in the niche (highlighted) allows fairly easy access even while wearing dive kit.

The wall

Howick beach

The small beach area is sheltered on all sides, ideal for "apri-dive" BBQs.

View from the rocks above Rumbling Kern.
Entry is easiest at high water, kelp and slippery rocks are a problem at other times.

Rumbling Kern from South

Towards G11

Looking north towards Cullernose Point from The Bathing (Doctor's) House.
The submarine G11 was wrecked on the "corner" halfway up the left side of the picture, little now remains. Pleasant dives can be had on the reefs along this section of shore.

Looking south from the Bathing House towards Rumbling Kern.
At low water, only a two metre wide channel connects this bay to the sea. The flat nature of Boulmer Point on the horizon hints that this is the southern extent of the "interesting" diving area.

South towards beach and Rumbling Kern

Gully at LW

Looking north from the beach to the gully, this time at low-water.
In the many years since I began diving here, the level of sand in the bay seems to have dropped considerably; at one time it was possible to wade out over sand and start your dive in the gully, only having to contend with rocks when waist deep.

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