Photographs of shoredive entry points at Beadnell.

Updated 2-2-2003

Contact: Dave Cordes.

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The first view the visitor has of Beadnell Point when driving towards the harbour at high water.
At low water the reefs will be seen to extend up to 200 metres seawards.

Knacker Hole from north

Knacker Hole from west

The south side of Knacker Hole.
Cars can be parked along the verge here - but please don't upset the locals, they pay a lot for the sea view and don't enjoy divers obscuring it with their hairy rear-ends. At high water this is an easy access point for trainees. Alternatively, walk to the end of the exposed reef for a pleasant scenic dive.

View from the road leading down to the harbour.
There is no parking along this section of road - which isn't a bad thing because this is a fairly shallow area. Beadnell point (in the background) is a much more interesting dive.

Point from Nacker Hole

View north from point

Looking north from Beadnell Point.
This gives some idea of how the reefs run parallel to each other and the promise of interesting underwater terrain.

Looking east along the north side of The Point.
At high water the full extent of the reef and its sheer face is hidden, but six hours later the headland is fully visible and can be seen to extend another 100 metres seaward above the surface and at least that much again underwater.

View east from point

View east on south side of point

Looking east along the south side of The Point.
This is the extreme west end and the seabed is quite shallow and uninteresting here, generally the further east one goes the better it becomes.

Looking west along the south side of The Point.
Provided there's no surf, entry into the water is easy about four hours either side of high water. Beyond this, kelp hinders easy access. Boats visiting the Farnes run just offshore here so SMBs should be used.

View west on south side of point

West across Beadnell Bay

Looking west over Beadnell Bay, a popular place with locals and divers families during the summer months.
Trailers are usually parked above the HW mark to the east of the access ramp (on the right side of the picture).

The beach where visiting dive boats are launched.
Sheltered on three sides, it is only affected by strong southerly seas. Snook Point (Newton) can be seen in the distance.

Launching beach

South across Newton Haven

Looking South over Newton Haven. The tops of two of the reefs are exposed, but the more interesting sections are submerged and to the east. Dunstanburgh Castle can be seen in the distance.

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